The March Candle Reveal

With the month of March I certainly hope you have a spring to your step and are adopting a little swing, or maybe even a swagger, to your stride as we embrace Spring.  Yes it’s still cold, and yes we are far from putting away the winter woollies, but there is no denying the wonderful and welcoming signs of this new season.  Precious snowdrops and proud daffodils are evident and trumpet the advancement of brighter mornings and longer evenings.  Joining the Green Hare in it’s first ever box for Spring is very humbling and thank you for unboxing with us!

Turning your face up to the spring sunshine, even with your hat on, will help you feel energised and restored.

Have you fresh plans for the coming month to sort and organise?  Spring cleaning is an action and term we grew up with but with current lifestyle and blending of time throughout the year perhaps the dedicated task of yesteryear has been shelved.  There is no arguing though, a good tidy out and decluttering is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.  Just a little at a time is all that is needed and an instant feeling of achievement will descend.

The Candle and it’s Maker

The nominated candle this month has a wonderful name and a word I have just used – Restore.  Instantly inviting and instantly personal.  Indeed these two mentioned characteristics are also lovely qualities of this month’s candle maker, Jennifer Doyle of Millbee Studios.   Millbee is based in County Offlay, in the midlands of Ireland, and is a business totally committed to natural, sustainable living and the promotion of conscious consumerism (a high-five from The Green Hare.)   Jennifer is a beekeeper and her passions for design, craft and sustainability are evident, not just in her gorgeous hand poured candles, but in all of her products which contain beeswax. Jennifer’s trueness and dedication to the care of the environment and reduction of plastic use is exemplary.

Restore is a made of natural waxes comprising a clever combination of soy, rapeseed and beeswax.  Essential oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus and clove integrate to create an uplifting scent and as its name suggests – restore.  There is no doubt with the help of this candle and it’s timeless and elegant aesthetics you will be energised this spring.  In fact, for work, rest or play Restore is perfect in any room in your home.  Simply light and enjoy!

Photograph of lit candle in amber glass beside flowers and candle snuffer
Picture of Jennifer Doyle, Irish Chandler. Wearing a yellow jumper.