There is certainly a buzz around Donegal when it comes to Kevin Callaghan’s beeswax candles which are housed in his beautiful Irish handcrafted vessels.  These fabulous little pots are handmade by Kevin in his studio and display perfectly his signature style.  Now the Green Hare has gone off track slightly as these fab candles are naturally scented with no added oils and to use Kevin’s own words as a description, they are pure honest light. As The Green Hare adores all candles and especially Irish candles, it is particularly excited to showcase these artisan candles made especially for The Green Hare Candle Box and available to buy on the website.

Before mentioning a few words about Kevin’s handmade Irish candles the Green Hare will give you a little bit of general information in relation to the advantages of beeswax candles over other wax candles.  They are a 100% natural product with zero toxic emissions, they are 100% sustainable and completely biodegradable with a longer burning time.  Beeswax candles drip less and produce little or no soot; they neutralise odours and, if in a kitchen or dining area, will not taint food.  In addition, beeswax candles purify the air and overall support our precious ecosystem.  They have a higher burning point resulting in an unequalled sharp bright light which, for the Green Hare, is resplendent.  Simply put, they are a perfectly clean product.

The beeswax is procured from local Donegal bees which lends well to a low carbon footprint, something we all want to achieve. As you can see the rich thick yellow colour with a slight orange tinge is warm and welcoming  in its own right.

Indeed a warm welcome awaits you when you visit Kevin Callaghan’s studio which is centrally located in the delightful Donegal Craft Village, Donegal Town.  Kevin’s studio is a treat as his amazing Irish pottery can be viewed in its various stages as well as being on display for you to see, touch and admire.  Kevin is there, ready for a good old Donegal chat.  It is so interesting to hear about Kevin’s work firsthand and for The Green Hare hard to leave, as besides the craic, there is the cosiest fire burning in the stove.

Kevin’s pottery has a distinctive contemporary style made for today’s kitchen with pasta bowls and salad pourers amongst the gorgeous handcrafted Irish products.

Once you have burned your Irish beeswax candle, and remember beeswax burns slower than other waxes, you can have a multitude of uses for this Irish handcrafted pot, from use in your kitchen, your office, right through to your bathroom or bedroom.  This is a little pot you will have forever.

The Green Hare is confident you will love this Irish handmade candle made with local beeswax from a small business located in beautiful Donegal.  Remember if you are up that way why not drop in and say hello to Kevin and see for yourself what the buzz is about.