The Green Hare Candle Box

This company finds its home in beautiful Fermanagh and was founded by Margaret Fee a self-confessed candle lover.

The desire to support local and small independent businesses has always been an action for Margaret, however, this grew stronger with the shift in perspective brought about with lockdown.  For Margaret the steading and re-centering of home-life brought about a sharper focus of her own environment and what she was using in her home.

Margaret’s love for artisan candles and her admiration for these craftspeople carried through in her buying of gifts and a realisation emerged that so many Irish artisan candle makers remain undiscovered and unknown. Hence The Green Hare Candle Box was born….

The Green Hare Candle Box is heartfelt and is the perfect platform to experience Irish candles that are pure and poured.

Whatever the focus or backdrop in your room The Green Hare knows it’s selected candles will instantly enrich your home or workspace.  Discreetly nestled in a corner of a room, modestly in the bathroom or, indeed, placed strategically in the hall to welcome guests The Green Hare’s candles will always create an ambience and scent to delight.

Traditional, contemporary and simple are words Margaret would use to describe the selected candles.  They encourage us to relax and rest, take things easier and with so much attention on self-care there is no better way.

Relating to the changing seasons you are guaranteed a natural wax candle to complement and enhance your home.  Scent has the power to evoke memories, to transport us to a place, an experience and The Green Hare Candle Box knows you will love this discovery.

So join us on our travels each month to unbox a wonderful artisan candle, handcrafted by select candlemakers from the four corners of Ireland whose candles are masterpieces of thought, execution and scent.

Take delight in the unboxing and the enjoy the discovery.

There are many facets to craftmanship, but The Green Hare believes pure Irish candles allow for all the senses to be enriched, permitting us to relax and melt a little too.

There is nothing more delightful than a candle that has been curated firstly from talent but also from ingredients pure and natural.  Irish artisan candles are contemporary and chic yet they are enriched with Ireland’s heritage, landscape, its homes and people.   We all love a story, a history, and within your box is the story of the candle maker and what inspires their work.

The Green Hare Candle Box is a unique and considered gift either for yourself or someone special, be it friend or family. Indeed, this is a perfect little gift from Ireland.  Irish candles make a unique present to yourself or a friend, for a birthday, housewarming or simply, thinking of you gift.  The Green Hare is ideal.

The Green Hare Candle Box can be bought as a one-off, as a three-month subscription or on a rolling subscription box basis.  All purchases are fuss free and subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Sustainability is at the heart of The Green Hare Candle Box and chosen chandlers are dedicated to sustainability too.  Natural products with packaging re-usable, recyclable and 100% biodegrable. 

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