Ephemeral Trends

There is a growing desire to move away from ephemeral trends, be it clothing or household items; fast fashion gets tiresome. By surrounding ourselves with beautiful Irish artisan candles we have something uniquely considered and handcrafted for our homes and workspaces.

side profile of wooden humpty dumpty

As we are spending much more time at home there is a focus to surround ourselves with items made to complement and enhance our lifestyle; overall make it more enjoyable. The Green Hare moves towards perfecting this with it’s beautiful Irish artisan candles. A candle alone can transform a room and your mood sways instantly as the wick holds the flame. It persuades us to relax as scented wax floats clear and pure.

As many of our days start and end in the same manner, and now often conducted in the same place, it is so important to define our time within each day. Lighting a candle is effortless yet it has the cause and effect of helping us to relax and exercise self-care. Irish artisan candles are free from chemicals and additives and better for the environment.  Natural ingredients and pure essences are guaranteed in the candles procured by The Green Hare.

Most definitely The Green Hare is for the conscious consumer who is shunning mass production with it’s ephemeral and speculative trends in favour of individuality and the refreshing pureness of Irish artisan candles.

The Green Hare has carefully selected Irish artisan candles far removed from fast fashion and yet, so on trend.