The February Candle Reveal

The Green Hare Candle Box is thrilled to introduce to you the loveliest of all Irish candles Grá.  Grá is Irish for love and certainly feels the best fit for this month!

Love, and lots of it, is certainly the theme for February.  It’s safe to say love is probably the most studied and discussed human emotion of all time yet it remains unpredictable, with many twists and turns and without a teacher to offer advice.

Love affords us drama, intrigue and satisfaction whether being experienced first-hand or through a story.  Unrequited love is without doubt the best plot to indulge in a little escapism through books and films, but of course, it must have a happy ending to make us feel fulfilled!

The subject of love is big business and I hope you are doing love `your way` and for yourself.  Self-love is such a popular term, but have you adapted it to your lifestyle?  Little tweaks to your routine will afford you to promote your own wellbeing resulting in long-lasting customs and a positive sequence in your life.  Acceptance and inward kindness are the key components of self-love, so above all else, send love your way.

Praise, recognise and not alone love, but adore yourself.

Valentines Day affords us an outward expression of love.  For some, this may be a time to be a little less coy or for others, a day to make an effort with grand gestures.  Whatever the motivation, enjoy the 14th but remember cupid is always around and his arrow could strike at anytime.

The Candlemaker and their Candle.

Wild Atlantic Wicks was founded by friends Anne-Marie and Eimear and is based in County Galway along the wonderful Wild Atlantic Way. Wild Atlantic Wicks is a new business and was formed in 2020.  Their products are natural with a simple eye-catching aesthetic and a collection of scents which are as heavenly.

A feature of their gorgeous Irish handcrafted candles is the wooden wick which burns with a slow intensity and a gentle crackle that will make you feel you are sitting at a fireside.  The wooden wick holds the flame in a fashion different to cotton wicks and one you will love – indeed a novelty.  As you watch it burn it will entrance and help you relax.

Grá has a sophisticated scent, combining Himalayan Cedar and Jasmine and will help you to transition into spring with it’s floral notes.  The wooden wick holds the flame in a fashion different to cotton wicks and if a wooden wick is new to you, you will love it.

Grá is three little letters in Irish and it is to match the three little words we all love to hear I love you!

Two ladies standing at a table with candles displayed. Picture of business owners of Wild Atlantic Wicks, Co Galway.