Margaret, I can see you but I can’t hear you.

`Margaret, I can see you but I can’t hear you’ – well this became the opening line for my meetings with Jack my web designer. Tucked up in the corner of the screen was Laura, graphic designer, suppressing a laugh and a virtual eye roll.

What can I say, I am the wrong age, and just to clarify I did have the microphone symbol unmuted. You Tube became my confidant as I enquired how to troubleshoot sound issues on a laptop. Who knew Canadians could be so helpful and who knew there was such a thing on a computer as Ease of Access?  Well if the journey of food into my mouth was paused as much as You Tube became I would be a size 8.

In an effort to save face I told Jack, and not just on one occasion, this is a new laptop you know. Anyway Jack and Laura have stuck with me, helpful and encouraging. My passion for this business trumps any IT issues and they say everyday is a school day, although I think I should be Dean of a university at this point.

I have a clear vision for The Green Hare and the benefits it can deliver by procuring clean burning and pure candles for you.  Going forward you will not be able to see me but certainly, you will hear about The Green Hare!