Margaret I need you to write a blog.

Margaret I need you to write a blog – this statement from Jack made me dart me eyes up to Laura in the top right of the screen, and I swear, she knew I didn’t know anything about a blog.  So off I went looking again for the Canadian on YouTube.

My approach ‘what is a blog’ revealed the facts of its birth in 1990s by Justin Hall.  This American documented on line, in a casual, journalistic style, his college experiences and the term, web log, truncated into blog. His writings set the appetite for truth and transparency for internet users.

The informal, personal nature and casual characteristics of blogging resonated with me and indeed rang a bell.  For I was a letter writer back in the day and well before www. existed.  Letters were exchanged regularly throughout the years between my childhood friends, Rose and Ann, in Donegal and myself in Belfast. I cannot recall what I wrote as life would not have been overly eventful, but write I did and cherished the letters from Inch and Bridgend received in return.  In fact, I still have Rose and Ann’s letters tied up in a ribbon.

So here I am, the new blogger on the block, hoping The Green Hare followers enjoy my memories and experiences.

I look forward to documenting details of The Green Hare’s nominated candle maker each month and introducing their talent to a new audience.  Enjoy receiving a candle, pure and poured, from an Irish candle maker you have never heard of, or, if The Green Hare presents to you a candle you do know,  just celebrate and enjoy re-visiting the beautiful scent and appreciate the craft of these wonderful chandlers.