The August Candle Reveal

Our chosen candle, Atlantic, reflects the scent of this vast ocean, creating a fresh and energising aroma and, for The Green Hare, a perfect fit as a gorgeous summer candle gift. Quite easily, the days roll by at a leisurely pace and we are always surprised at the realisation we have reached the end of August when, reluctantly, we say bon voyage to summer.  This wonderful candle though, will keep the memories of summer flowing.

If ever there was a match made in candle heaven it is with this Lisdoonvarna candle company, The Irish Chandler.  The beautiful village of Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare, gateway to the wonderful Wild Atlantic Way is where you will find Lisa Barnett, founder of The Irish Chandler.  Business for the Irish Chandler began in 2017. and Lisa’s inspiration and drive to create non-toxic, natural wax candles arose through the awareness of the allergies, and the many adverse reactions,  people have to paraffin-based candles.  To condense Lisa’s story, The Irish Chandler was formed on her own awareness and products are lovingly handmade, containing natural waxes along with premium oils, are vegan and sustainability focused.  Each of Lisa’s candles capture the mood and texture of the Irish landscape and afford us the pleasure of experiencing this in our homes.

August, having been handed the summer baton from July and holding onto it tightly, is a time to truly enjoy the summer, resting, and relaxing. The charm of August is partly due to our, now familiar, longer evenings, hearing stories of other folks’ holidays and, of course, the telling of our own. Creating and capturing summer memories is wonderful and no better place to do this than at home.  Gardens and the wider countryside are stunningly vibrant, and the wonderful Irish coastline is busy with people swimming, paddling, or simply gazing at the sea.

Inspired by the mood and magic of the Wild Atlantic Way, this month’s candle has fragrance notes with a blend of sea salt, citrus and wood sage.  Allow this wonderful scent wash over you.