The Candle Catwalk

The Candle Catwalk, was a catchy little phrase I was keeping for the final line of this blog which touches on Alexa Chung and her journey into the world of business.  However, I felt it was too good to leave to the end because it encapsulates what The Green Hare Candle Box is all about – allowing Irish artisan candles to be paraded and admired. Indeed, it presents Irish artisan candles in such a fashionable new way affording these gorgeous handcrafted items a platform.

Returning to my original opening, I will ask you what does the Green Hare Candle Box and Alexa Chung have in common?  Unfortunately, it’s not a flat stomach or symmetrical features but, in fact, one comment from a recent interview given by Alexa in relation to running her own business. Alexa Chung mentions that her career as a model involved just turning up but with the transition into running her own fashion label came the realisation she was the decision maker. She couldn’t just look over her shoulder to see who was coming to help.

I know that an iconic supermodel who created a high-end fashion label is far removed from The Green Hare Candle Box in rural Fermanagh but the same business issue arose in the realisation that there is no one else to make the decisions but me.  Luckily though for The Green Hare, I love it, as I am able to flex my authoritive muscles (in a nice way), write and promote small Irish businesses who handcraft the most gorgeous scented candles and overall, for The Green Hare, present a unique gift I would love to receive myself.  The careful selection of Irish candles to create a gifting experience is fabulous, the journeying around different counties in Ireland to meet various crafters, see first-hand their creative work and talk about their products is a privilege.  Delving for the first time into the world of social media, hashtags and creation of posts has, and continues to be, so enjoyable albeit a very steep learning curve.

As you know Alexa Chung is well known for being quirky and cool, as having an exceptional eye for all things style related.  Well, I’m thrilled to say The Green Hare Candle Box has that in common too because it is also quirky, cool and extremely stylish, dressed in sustainable packaging with handcrafted Irish candles just waiting to strut the candle catwalk. So why not book your seat.

What a show!