The December Candle Reveal

Welcome to the December Candle reveal and let me introduce this luxury handmade soy wax candle, with a very apt name for December and a gorgeous hand blended scent, Home for Christmas, handcrafted by Nicola McGuinness of Rowan Beg Design Studio from County Galway.

Rowan Beg is a family run business in every sense as these handcrafted candles made by Nicola are touched by every generation of her family as the pouring, labelling and packing stages involves one of the family.  In fact, it is the memory of Nicola’s late grandfather’s pipe that inspired her first candle scent and the start of this wonderful Irish business.  Returning from America and settling with her family in the home she grew up in reunited Nicola with her passion for art and design and Rowan Beg Design Studio was formed.

The Home for Christmas candle is housed in a unique bespoke concrete pot and it’s contents are carefully hand poured using pure ingredients. The white pot itself is a little beacon of attention and light. This gorgeous pot can continue to be used once your candle is burnt and as you repurpose it in your home, allow it to remind you of who was home for Christmas. The scent is inspired by an Irish childhood and Rowan Beg feels it is perfect for anyone missing home. Home for Christmas candle has a yuletide scent of mandarin and clove and a gentle aroma will fill your room.

December often starts with a long “to do” list for many with letters for Santa at the top and rightly so, as there is nothing more important. It is certainly a time to illuminate our homes and The Green Hare thinks there is nothing nicer or more satisfying than to tick decking the halls as completed off the list. Trees up and lights strung certainly creates a little magic in everyone’s home and setting the table over the Christmas period allows for a piece of theatre to be staged that makes family and friends feel extra special.

Baubles tied to the back of chairs, place cards slotted into quirky card holders, napkins carefully folded, and an array of polished glasses lends to the charm and, most certainly, creates the memories.  Reaching over to light the candles on the table just before dinner is certainly a showstopper and sees conversations paused as all eyes watch the wick take life.  For The Green Hare, candles lit on the Christmas table is enchanting and elevates the scene, creating a special atmosphere that remains with you.

Relax and enjoy this gorgeous Christmas themed candle.

The Green Hare Candle Box believes this gift set is the perfect way to light the way home this Christmas whether in person or in thought.

Remember if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration for a candle gift, The Green Hare Candle Box is perfect in so many ways as it supports small businesses throughout Ireland who contribute and provide character and personality to our society.  Giving or receiving a gift which is handcrafted and ethically sourced means so much, firstly to the hands that have made it, but on a wider scale, for our environment.  Thank you for supporting sustainable gifting.

The Green Hare Candle Box each month is delighted in showcasing an Irish handcrafted candle, along with the story about the candle maker and introducing these handcrafted Irish candles to a new audience. The Green Hare Candle Box can be bought as a one off, or, if you are an ultimate candle lover or knows someone who is, it can be bought as a subscription box for a three month period or on a rolling basis. This is a Irish candle subscription box with a difference.  The Green Hare Box itself is reusable, recyclable and fully biodegradable. 

As you enjoy this candle remember to adhere to candle safety and care which is available to read in The Green Hare Candle Care Blog.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Lit candle in front of plate of brownies and coffee cup
Nicola McGuiness owner of Rowan Beg Design Studio Galway