The January Candle Reveal

A warm welcome to The Green Hare Candle Box’s January reveal and what an exquisite candle we are featuring for January.  Allow me to introduce The Drawing Room, a limited-edition candle from the exquisite Buick House Candles.  By choice make this is a candle to accompany you through this cold month.

Are you stepping into January with a fresh focus and lots of plans for the coming year?  Certainly the start of a new year allows us to draw a line under poor habits and undone tasks and to have a renewed energy for jobs pending.  It is important however, in the middle of new resolutions to get this and that done, to afford a little time for self-care.  Wouldn’t it be great to introduce this `me time’ as a constant going forward.  Doing something nice for yourself, no matter how small, will make a difference to your day.  Indeed small changes can have a big impact.

Usually, January is a month that sees new books on the scene as they have been gifted as popular and thoughtful presents.  So why not prioritise yourself by lighting this luxury candle and curl up with a book. Creating a relaxing ambience is easy when a candle is lit and while you pore over your book, let the relaxing gentle scent pour over you.

As it has become evermore common for life and work spaces to mingle, it is especially important to establish boundaries for the varying parts of our day.  The transformation from office to home can easily be accomplished by simply lighting a candle and the character of your room, and that of your day, is changed.  A form of balance can be established, affording you a space to practice and indeed habitualise selfcare.

The Candle Maker & their Candle.

It is with delight and the greatest pleasure The Green Hare is introducing this limited-edition candle by Buick House Candles.  Set in the heart of spectacular Co Down, Buick House Candles was founded by Gail Lynas. It is from Gail’s memories of her childhood home, it’s surroundings and adored family life which created the foundation of her carefully chosen scents. For The Green Hare simply reading the stories of what inspires Gail’s luxury candles is a memory jolt and pulls at the heartstrings because Gail so beautifully reminisces.  Gail states “I wanted to create elegant, luxury fragrances that will trigger memories of people, places, past times and create new memories.”

 The Green Hare first met Gail in Dublin and was enthralled by the passion for her business, her knowledge and standout elegance.  Gail founded Buick House following retirement as an executive in the world of Banking and Change Management and her strong ties and love of home is what Gail has tailored into her business.  Buick House, in fact, is a family name that has come through the generations and is now the name of her own home.

Turning your attention to The Drawing Room, this is a limited-edition candle, hand poured using natural waxes. Its sophisticated scent comprises top notes of cinnamon and mixed spice with heart notes of frankincense, myrrh and a base note of cedarwood. This elegant candle is graceful and chic.  It is housed in beautiful white coloured glass and will sit perfectly in any room of your home. Gail encapsulates perfectly the mood of this candle as she writes

Sunday visitors … Mum and Dad entertaining ..deep pile carpets and velvet curtains …laughter together on high days and holidays… remembering not to make a mess in the ‘good room’… sneaking away with a  book into a comply chair… cosy, quiet and thoughtful.”

Certainly Buick House candles has opened the door into The Green Hare’s heart and yours too I suspect! Buick House Candles is well worth a browse –

The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration for a candle gift, The Green Hare Candle Box is perfect, in so many way. It showcases small independent Irish businesses who hand pour candles using natural waxes free from paraffin and other harmful additivies.  Candles for The Green Hare Candle Box are sourced from throughout the north and south of Ireland and are enriched with talent and stories. It is delighted to introduce these handpoured Irish candles to a new audience. The Green Hare Candle Box can be bought as a one off, or, if you are an ultimate candle lover or knows someone who is, it can be bought as a subscription box for a three month period or on a rolling basis.

Giving or receiving a gift which is handcrafted and ethically sourced means so much, firstly to the hands that have made it, but on a wider scale, for our environment.

Lady candle maker standing beside candles in boxes
Scented candle in white glass beside dried flower