The July Candle Reveal

Let us introduce to you this gorgeous candle, Rocksalt and Driftwood, handmade by the Ion Candle Company.

When curating the July box The Green Hare was captivated by the fresh summer scent of this candle and it’s distinctive summer vibe, Rocksalt and Driftwood. The name alone transports you to a shoreline and allows you to imagine a stroll along the water’s edge.

The Ion Candle company finds its home in County Meath and is owned by the lovely Nikki McMurray.  Nikki founded her company just a few years ago and in this time her business has been successfully nominated for several prestigious awards.  Nikki’s products reflect her brand name, Ion, which translated from Irish means Pure.  How reassuring to know your candle is made with natural plant-based waxes and captures the ethos of being simple, clean, strong and authentic. Nikki credits her attention to detail to the knowledge she gained from her father’s work as a chef.  Nikki, knowing how essential good ingredients are, along with exact requirement and balance of oils, to handcraft gorgeous candles, produces quite the Michelin Star equivalent.

Using a little Green Hare wisdom why not light this gorgeous candle, lovingly handmade, then simply sink into a chair, close your eyes and let the scent transport you. Being in the midst of summer casts a brighter spell on life as we execute plans for holidays or gather and greet visitors in the form of friends and family.  Summer allows us to be less hurried, to operate at a softer speed, to re-energise.

We are presented with an ocean of options for holiday styles, ideas and destinations but taking a simple approach can be the perfect option too.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying leisurely time in our own patch, taking time to relax and recharge.

Nikki Murray, founder of Ion Candle Company, holding a candle.
Ion candle, white glass, sitting on table with light from window