The June Candle Reveal

Welcome to the June box of The Green Hare and we hope you are embracing all things summer.  The sunshine is a much-needed boost to our days and apart from heat on our skin, we catch positive rays to reinvigorate and become less sedentary. Summer is the season that encourages us to stand and chat to our neighbours a little longer, to visit and overall make plans.  I’m sure you agree we even look more relaxed in our summer attire.

It’s also a time to lift a book – let the phone stay out of charge and ditch the distractions.  Getting lost in a good book, well there is nothing quite like it.  So why not light your candle, cradle that book and allow yourself to get lost in the story of your choice.

Like the seasons we change our selected candle scents to compliment, and we have the perfect fit this month.

The Candle and The Maker

Rhubarb & Plum is the selected scent and is handmade by the fabulous company The FARЯOW Collection.  Based in County Cork Farrow is lovingly owned by Suzette who is dedicated to creating memorable experiences through her scent and believes, as does The Green Hare, scent has the power to evoke cherished memories and transport you to moments past, places visited and to people you know or knew. What a powerful and comforting experience in simply lighting a candle.

Suzette Demicoli hails from the Mediterranean island of Malta and has lived in Cork with her family for a number of years now.  Her quality crafted products are made with passion, thoughtfulness and a commitment to the environment with sustainability central in her work and lifestyle.  The name itself is a blend of the words feather and arrow, reflecting Suzette’s approach to life in keeping things light-hearted whilst delivering accurately on her mission.  What an inspiring attitude and practice for us all.

Our selected scent this month, Rhubarb and Plum is housed in fresh pink container and its softness and summer vibe draws the eye to any space it is placed and instantly elevates it.  The scent of rhubarb and plum is slightly sweet, slightly sharp, yet earthy with an overall aroma that is light and refreshing.

Talking to Suzette The Green Hare wants to leave you with her own words loves Suzettes “Join us on this fragrant journey, where each inhale carries the essence of nature’s wonders and leaves a gentle footprint on our planet. Let our scents infuse your space with warmth, tranquility, and a sense of connection, knowing that you are making a conscious choice to support sustainable practices and protect our environment.”


Suzette owner of Farrow Candle Company