The November Candle Reveal

The Green Hare Candle Box is delighted to introduce to you the nominated, and truly gorgeous, candle for November as being Cardamom Spruce, handcrafted by the talented Ella Kennedy of Bread and Weather. This delightful Irish candle business is based in splendid County Wicklow, known as the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow is a destination that delights with vast woodlands, mountains, and a spectacular coastline – a place perhaps best visited in autumn.

November for many heralds the start of Christmas preparations, however, we are still very much in autumn.  The hedgerows and trees although revealing their branches are retaining leaves with radiant colours or dropped them to provide us with a leafy layer to walk on.  So perhaps walk through November, enjoy it and let the fuss begin next month.

November is the month that sees us adjusting to the change in the hour and this allows us to declare loud and clear, it is candle season.  There is nothing more atmospheric that lighting a gorgeous scented candle on a dark evening, easily creating your own inviting space and exercising some selfcare.  The Green Hare only sources Irish handmade candles free from paraffin and chemicals which is sadly found in so many mass-produced candles.  The Green Hare helps you to be candle savvy and support you to have candles with natural ingredients in your home.

The name of this featured company, Bread and Weather, alone evokes a cosiness and two things well associated with Ireland. The lovely Ella Kennedy operates her business from a converted barn in the countryside of Wicklow.  Ella, before starting Bread & Weather, ran a catering company, and indeed she has such an eye for presentation and simplicity which is totally charming.  The Green Hare was captivated by Ella’s business name and commitment to looking after our planet, using only sustainable and natural products.  Ella’s ethos and commitment is humble but strong.  Bread and Weather, although a popular topic in Ireland, is an extract from a poem, The Table, by Turkish poet, Edip Cansever and for Ella, a perfect title as the two elements are essential for us to live.  Ella rightly believes starting with self-care enables you to deal with the bigger issues in life and the balance of lighting a candle or using her natural soap is perfect.

The Cardamom Spruce candle is a natural soy wax candle infused with essential oils, free from synthetic fragrances or paraffin wax.  The combination of the spicy fragrance of cardamon and the freshness of spruce oil are really fabulous.  The Green Hare believes this is the perfect candle for creating a cosy ambience at home as the darker evenings have began and to use Ella’s description for this candle, a perfect cosy cabin hideaway scent.  Visit Bread & Weather at

Remember if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration for a gift, The Green Hare Candle Box is perfect.  It supports small local businesses who contribute and provide character and personality to our society.  Giving or receiving a gift which is handcrafted and ethically sourced means so much, firstly to the hands that have made it, but on a wider scale, for our environment.  Support sustainable gifting.

The Green Hare Candle Box each month is delighted in showcasing an Irish handcrafted candle, along with the story about the candle maker. The Green Hare Candle Box can be bought as a one off, or, if you are an ultimate candle lover or knows someone who is, it can be bought as a subscription box for a three month subscription or on a rolling basis. This is a Irish candle subscription box with a difference.

As you enjoy this candle remember to adhere to candle safety and care which is available to read in The Green Hare Candle Care Blog. In brief never leave your burning candle unattended. Keep away from little hands and pets.  Place on a stable surface and use a heat-resistant mat underneath.