The October Candle Reveal

The Green Hare Candle Box was thrilled to reveal its nominated candle for October as being Fire, handcrafted by a fabulous Dublin company, namely, The Home Moment.  As The Green Hare’s mission is to showcase beautiful Irish candles and shine a spotlight on a candle maker each month, it is again mission accomplished, as a number of the recipients of the October box, until now, remained unaware of this company.

This considered candle for October couldn’t be more apt as the nights have got colder, stoves lit and for the Green Hare a lovely little link into writing a few words for mid-autumn.

With October we have witnessed the definite change of seasons and hopefully it’s dry and leaves crisp underfoot.  Perhaps it is an unspoken pleasure to declare the enjoyment of pulling out the warmer clothes and once again set about wearing our woollies and boots.  Do you love this transition into autumn?  With routines now well established and a definite pattern having emerged we can declare it candle season again.

The Green Hare couldn’t let Halloween go by without a nod to the spooky festivities being held, big scale and home spun.  Years past there wasn’t the wonderful paraphernalia as adorns our homes now but there was always plenty of shenanigans on Halloween night and dressing up with a lantern carved from a turnip your pride and joy – hard for many to believe.

Returning our attention to the nominated Irish candle, Fire, let me tell you about its makers, The Home Moment, from Dublin.  This company comprises a wonderful trio of women with whom The Green Hare has had the pleasure of meeting, chatting and being in awe of now on several occasions.  Their HQ, apart from the most amazing scent, oozes energy and such an air of feel good it’s quite hard to explain. Eileen, Sinead and Deirdre not only have a clear mission statement for their company which is to deliver high end products made from ethically sourced materials, they are indeed leaders in sensory-based, therapeutic sustainable candle products.  This explains the box within The Green Hare Candle Box because not alone is there a gorgeous candle, but The Home Moment invites you to listen to a unique soundscape and plant their enclosed seed card in the container once the candle is burnt. The Green Hare highly recommends you link into their website, read and connect with this wonderful company that promotes desirable, ethical and sustainable products for you and your home.

As for the candle, Fire, the aesthetics of this dark container wrapped around the pure soy wax candle is resplendent. The scent of Fire has a remarkable combination, namely, top notes of honey, spices, and citrus, then middle notes of wood and sandalwood and ending with base notes of amber, tonka bean and patchouli.  Eileen, Sinead and Deirdre describe this wonderful candle as taking you home to the Irish fireside and whilst sipping a whiskey enjoy the banter late into the night – a perfect moment in any home. Fire is vegan friendly, made from pure ingredients and has a fantastic burning time of 45 hours.  Perfect really!

The Green Hare Candle Box is a perfect gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, housewarming or maybe just for yourself!  It features handcrafted Irish Candles which are made with talent and have a story to tell.

Three women sitting on settee with candles on a table
Aerial view of white candle in glass dome