The Photoshoot!

The Photoshoot– what can I say to express the apprehension and the degree of panic I was harbouring for this planned morning.  I knew I had to embark on a few professional photos for The Green Hare Candle Box but was actually looking forward to this as much as having a tissue in the wash.  Even the photographer’s name, Agatha, struck a sense of dread in me as I waited for a lens-wielding warrior to descend upon the house.

Well, what can I say, I could not have been more wrong because out stepped a sweet and relaxed young woman who was instantly tuned into my nervousness and guess what, not a long lens in sight.  Obviously, I had bigger notions of myself.

I half-jokingly offered to put The Green Hare Candle Box over my head but it wouldn’t fit and not due to any egotistic notions – my head was just simply too big.

To put a face behind The Green Hare this photoshoot was scheduled to capture lifestyle shots and all I could think – should I stand with the iron.  Anyhow, Agatha chatted and helped me to relax and guess what, I did.  We wandered about and by we, I mean the dog too.  Not to be outdone Sally photobombed quite a few photos and then was quite delighted when she was the sole subject and, as you can see, a pretty relaxed one too.

The reason for penning these few light-hearted lines is to offer an insight in the journey involved in the setup of The Green Hare and maybe a word of encouragement to someone also thinking of starting a new business and offer reassurance that dreaded tasks actually don’t turn out to be so bad.

A small thank you to Agatha Kisiel for a big miracle with her photos.

Golden labrador dog resting on a settee