The Recycling Police

Did I mention that the recycling police regularly turned up at our door, unannounced and without a search warrant –  and at one stage even took up residence over lockdown; all in the form of my daughter home from Dublin.  A guilty plea was declared to not recycling properly, even though we thought we had been doing a good job.  Regularly packaging would be held up, `this cannot go in recycling` and the quote `there is no Planet B` would underpin her scolding.

Certainly lockdown afforded us time, and an arresting officer, to sharpen our practice: to assess what packaging we were using; focus on what was recyclable and to make sustainability swaps where possible.

I am pleased to say at the forefront of my approach to The Green Hare (and at home) is Planet A – re-usability, recycling and sustainability.

I researched a number of companies before I found a supplier who could deliver exactly what The Green Hare believes in and to promote the consumer’s desire for sustainable packaging.  The Green Hare Candle Box is re-usable, recyclable and 100% biodegradable.  The material is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) credited, meaning worldwide responsible and sustainable forest management. This style of packaging plays a major part in supporting our environment and for The Green Hare is the only option.

Garry, with the two Rs, my assigned correspondent from the packaging company, is wholly supportive to this new start up and the packaging supplied marries with consumers’ wishes to be provided with sustainable packaging, a key element to preventing further damage to our planet.

So when you open The Green Hare Candle Box, have the reassurance that the environment and it’s wellbeing is literally in your hands.