The September Candle Reveal

Hello to September and to the first of our boxes for the wonderful, colourful autumnal season that will soon unfold.  Its with a sigh we acknowledge summer is behind us yet the familiarity of blackberries on bushes, leaves changing, fuss of schools resuming, and the overall reinstating of routine is quite welcome.  A change in pattern is always good and the gentle transition into autumn can prompt us to adopt a new interest or a fresh commitment to a hobby or exercise.

For The Green Hare nothing is better than a good walk and then retreat into home where we put the kettle on, turn on the lamps and light a candle. It is these simple and homely acts that ground us, help us rest, achieve balance and contentment.  So as the nights reluctantly drop, blend with this season and light this gorgeous handmade Irish Candle.

This month we are presenting to you a candle with a difference – Irish Soda Bread. Handcrafted by the wonderful artisan chandlers Dalkey Aromatics.

Soda Bread is one thing that we can all link with our childhood and most likely we have memories of this being made by our mother or grandmothers and formed a constant in the cupboard.  This is exactly the memory that inspired Martin   the founder of Dalkey Aromatics.  As a child on his frequent visits to his grandparents Martin was greeted with the aroma of fresh soda bread being baked especially for them.  Martin has captured this memory and combined the scent, as skilful as the recipe, of buttermilk, baking soda, butter and flour, and handcrafted this wonderful candle.

Dalkey Aromatics finds its home in the beautiful seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin and was founded over ten years ago.  Martin left his initial profession in commercial and interior design and became a chandler by literally following a dream.  Martin shares he dreamt he was making candles and, lucky for us, he decided to act on this.  Dalkey Aromatics has not looked back and have a wonderful collection of candles for us to dream of.

We know that scent evokes memories and we hope this does that for you